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The company's project was selected as the top ten progress of 2018 biotechnology


On January 12, 2019, the announcement of "2018 China Medical Biotechnology Top Ten Progress Awards " co-sponsored by China Medical Biotechnology Association and China Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Magazine was held in Tonglu, Zhejiang Province. The guests present at the event included the representatives of the expert group Academician Wei Weiquan, Academician Hao Xishan, the leaders of the sponsoring and organizing units, and more than a dozen media reporters from the central and local governments.

The evaluation activities are divided into six parts: recommendation declaration, project preliminary examination, public evaluation, academician correspondence examination, expert final examination and news release. Twenty-two candidate projects including Regend's “Organic Stem Cell Therapy for Lung Tissue Regeneration” emerged from the recommendation and entered the public voting session, and received enthusiastic participation from more than 50,000 colleagues.In order to embody the professionalism and authority of the selection, nine academicians from all candidate projects were submitted to the relevant fields for correspondence review, and secret ballot was conducted according to the criteria of whether the project has outstanding technological innovation, significant economic or social benefits, and obvious role in promoting scientific and technological progress of the industry. Finally, ten major advances in Chinese medical biotechnology in this year were determined by expert evaluation, Regend's research results were successfully elected!


Dr. Ma Yu, Vice President of Regend, introduced the progress of the project "Adult Stem Cells for Lung Tissue Regeneration". The clinical part of the project was completed by Regend in cooperation Shanghai Oriental Hospital and Southwest Hospital of Army Military Medical University, including the implementation of stem cell clinical research in China. It includes one of the first eight clinical stem cell research projects to be put on record after the implementation of the system of stem cell clinical research in China: human autologous bronchial basal cells (lung stem cells) transplantation for the treatment of interstitial lung disease. Researchers isolated the basal layer cells from the bronchial epithelium of the subjects and then transplanted them back to the subjects noninvasively after isolation and expansion in vitro. Three to twelve months after transplantation, the subjects'lung function, exercise ability and quality of life improved. The research was published in the Journal Protein & Cell.


The selection campaign ended in a enthusiastic atmosphere. For the medical biotechnology industry, 2018 is a year of turbulence and the starting point for a new cycle.The China Medicinal Biotechnology Association has combed and recorded the development history of the industry through the “Ten Years of Progress in China's Pharmaceutical Biotechnology”. It has insight into the development trend and has played a role in promoting the development of the entire industry.