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Zuo Wei was elected China's top ten innovators in 2018


Patients and researchers need great encouragement to speed up and test new therapies, and the good news is that the future of our therapies is bright now.

—— Professor Zuo Wei

People's Pictorial (Overseas Edition), a well-known publication, recently selected 10 innovative figures in 2018. Zuo Wei, chairman and chief scientist of Jimmy Ruisheng and professor of Medical School of Tongji University, was elected successfully. At the same time, the selected projects include the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge, the Cambrian AI chip, the box Ma Xin retail, the clone monkey, the autopilot car, the Dragon amphibian plane, the Chang'e four monthly full view, the Dajiang UAV and so on.

The People's Pictorial is the only large-scale comprehensive national pictorial with pictures and texts as its main content and unique collection value in China. It adheres to the mission and purpose of "showing China to the world and recording people's livelihood with pictures". Since its publication in 1950, it has kept pace with the times and has been using exquisite pictures in the form of thematic combination of pictures and texts. Film and text tracing, recording and displaying China's development and changes are vivid witnesses of new China's politics, economy, culture and life. The People's Pictorial pays equal attention to both documentary and appreciative, and is good at depth and characteristics. It pays attention to major domestic and international events, reports on hot topics of national economy and people's livelihood, reflects profound changes in today's society, and comprehensively witnesses the development process of China.


"Renmin Pioneer" describes Zuo Wei as "Regeneration Genius" in "Innovation Pioneer". On February 8, 2018, Zuo Wei, a 34-year-old professor at Tongji University Medical College in Shanghai, announced that he and his research team used patients'own stem cells to treat patients' lungs in clinical trials. The regeneration of the organization is the first successful implementation of the strategy in the world. After getting dozens of stem cells from patients through lung brushing tests, researchers multiplied these stem cells into tens of millions in the laboratory and transplanted them to damaged parts of the patient's lungs. Although this transplantation is not suitable for all lung diseases, Professor Zuo Wei's research has pushed human organ regeneration from the laboratory to clinical application.

The successful election of the top ten innovators is not only the affirmation of Professor Zuo Wei and his team's research results, but also the concern and promotion in the field of "regenerative medicine".